Cancellations & No Shows

Since re-opening after lockdown, we have made a few changes to our policy on cancellations and no shows. With all of our activities now bookable, including the pool and gym, we thought it was time for an update on how it all works.

When we opened our doors back in 2017, we were very clear that we needed to adopt a robust and consistent policy on no shows for classes and squash/tennis courts. With the current restrictions in place for COVID-19 this is perhaps more important than ever and sees the strike system in operation for pool and spa sessions too. I am sure most of you have been in the situation where you have been unable to book onto a class because it is “full”, only to find that on the day the class has many spaces. It is very frustrating! It is also not an efficient way to run the Club operations.  If members cancel their booking with some notice, then it is possible for others to book their space.

We decided to adopt a policy which allowed for the occasional no show or late cancellation – everyone occasionally has a situation where they cannot attend at the last minute due to an emergency, or problems with the children, or a critical issue at work/home, etc. However, we felt it important that members who consistently fail to show up, or cancel on time, are penalised and that the penalty is not just a token but actually changes the behaviour of members who regularly fail to show up or cancel on time.

This was how we arrived at our policy, and we believe it is fair to all our members.

So, how does the strikes policy actually work?

  • Provided members cancel a class, court or swim session more than 12 hours before the activity is due to start, then they will not receive a strike – this allows others to book their space.
  • Attendance is logged at our entry barriers to the Club and also on tick sheets in each class. It is hence very important that you scan into the Club using your card, and the instructor will then tick you off the sheet when you enter the studio. If you forget your card, the Reception staff can mark you present if you ask them.
  • Any no show or late cancellation (<12 hours before the class or activity starts) results in a strike.
  • This strike stays on the system for 90 days (3 months).
  • If you receive 3 strikes in any 3-month period, you get your booking rights removed entirely for a week. You can still attend a class (or whatever the activity was that resulted in the ban) if there is space on the day, but you cannot book a space in advance. You will need to ask Reception to book you in on the day.  
  • With all activities currently bookable, if you pick up a ban for non-attendance of classes for example, you will still be able to book in to the Gym or Pool in advance but will need to do so at Reception.
  • After this week-long suspension, your booking rights will be restored, but the strikes will remain on the system for the full 90-day period. So, if you receive a fourth strike, and the other three are still within the 90-day window, you will receive another week’s suspension of booking rights.

The above also applies to squash and tennis court bookings and pool and spa sessions.

Please note, that there are no exceptions to these rules, and the Reception Team are not able to remove strikes from the system without senior management authorisation. We realise that there may be any number of highly unfortunate circumstances that cause you to miss a class through no fault of your own. However, for the system to work we have to apply it 100% consistently, irrespective of the reason for the non-attendance or late cancellation. Remember that you have to receive three strikes to lose your booking rights, so a single unfortunate incident will not have any effect.

There are two further important rules for you to be aware of when booking classes:

  • You may not book two of the same class type on the same day. For example, you can book a Pilates, Yoga and Body Pump all on one day if you wish but you may not book two Yoga classes. When we have popular classes that regularly fill up, we will often add another class of the same type on the same day to create additional capacity. This rule ensures that other members benefit from the additional spaces we create.
  • We limit the number of cancellations that any member can make to a maximum of 8 class cancellations in any rolling 4-week period (an average of 2 per week). This rule allows flexibility for members to cancel classes when they genuinely have a change of plans or when emergencies crop up, but prevents members from booking multiple classes for a given day (or week) when they know in advance that they only plan to attend one or two of them.

We hope that this helps you to understand the system better and the reasons for it. The end goal is to maximise class attendance for all of our members! Thank you for your understanding & support.